Coronavirus COVID-19

There is rightful concern in Tucson and around the nation and world, about coronavirus, and how it may effect me, my family, our country & the world in the upcoming days to weeks. A local infectious disease specialist, sent me a guideline, as to how healthcare providers should address patients they may suspect of being infected. I thought a brief review would be helpful, even for the general public. In summary…

clinicians, and patients, should be suspicious if a person has fever, and a severe lower respiratory illness. Also, testing for coronavirus, should come after imaging such as chest x-rays that shows infiltrates, negative tests for flu and other more typical respiratory pathogens, and a more likely alternative explanation, (such as Valley fever in this area) are considered or ruled out.

Solid recommendations for preventing any respiratory infection, include handwashing, and staying home, if you don’t feel your best. Also it is important to get your flu shot, each fall, and early winter if you can’t get it sooner. Call our office at (520) 372-7145 if you have any questions or concerns. Daily updates are also available at the Centers for Disease Control website.