Recent news reports of bear sightings in our area are a reminder about being aware of our surroundings not only in our beautiful canyons and hiking trails, but also in our own backyards.

Now’s the time for rattlesnakes, and scorpions which have had eons to learn to avoid our inattentive gaze, when we’re out walking or doing gardening. It’s best not to get bit, rather than treat a bite when it happens. Be alert to seal the small cracks and crevices between doors and windows that can allow for scorpions to enter our houses. Likewise, be careful not to reach blindly into shrubs or along rock walls, as rattlesnakes like the shade is much as we do on these hot days! Lastly, make sure to that you seal your garbage can lids, as as stuffed bear is cute on your bed, but not on your head! Have a great summer, Dr. D.