Will you see me after a car accident?

Yes we can see you after a car accident, but we cannot bill your insurance. This would be a self-pay visit, and would be $200 for initial visit, and $100 for any follow-up visit. It would be your responsibility, to pass this along, to either your attorney, automobile insurance or healthcare insurance for review.

Does he do well-woman care?

Yes, he will provide routine gynecological care, and will refer you for obstetric care if needed.

Does he provide sports and school physicals?

Yes, he provides these physicals as well as work-related physical examinations. This is a great way to emphasize healthy diet and lifestyle choices.

Does Dr. Donovan see complex medical cases?

Yes, he welcomes challenging medical problems. He takes extra time to research and solve the complicated medical problems and questions.

What should I bring with me for my visit?

Please bring any medications and/or a complete list.

Please bring a complete list of the specialists you see, so we can add them to the medical record